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#ifndef     re_h
#define     re_h

static const char re_h_rcsid[]="$Id: re.h,v 1.2 1999/03/31 07:30:03 mrsam Exp $";

#include    <sys/types.h>
#include    "funcs.h"
#include    "reeval.h"
#include    "config.h"

class ReMatch;

//  The Re class represents a regular expression.   The regular expression
//  is translated into a non-deterministic automaton, stored as a list
//  of RegExpNodes.
//  Then, one or more strings are matched against the regular expression.
//  The Re object may dynamically allocate another Re object in order to
//  implement the ! operator.  Each ! operator introduces a dynamically-
//  allocated Re object, which contains the next chained regular expression.
//  Another ! operator causes another object to be allocated.
//  The ^ and $ anchors are implemented here.  The ABSENCE of a ^ anchor
//  causes a dummy "[.\n]*" expression to be created in the first Re object,
//  with the real expression being parsed in the 2nd Re object.
//  When a string is matched against a regular expression, when the current
//  state includes a FINAL state, and there is a chained Re object, the
//  remainder of the string gets matched against the chained Re object.
//  If the chained matched succeeds, the entire match succeeds, otherwise,
//  we continue matching the original string.
//  If a match is succesfull, MatchCount() may be called to return the number
//  of characters that were matched.  If an ! operator is used, the optional
//  argument to MatchCount(), if not null, can be used to call MatchCount()
//  to return the count that the next expression matched.

class RegExpNode;

class Re {

      Re    *chainedre;       // Chained regular expression
      Re    *prevre;
      RegExpNode *nodes;            // Singly-linked list of nodes
      RegExpNode *first;            // Starting node
      RegExpNode *final;            // Final node
      unsigned nextid;        // When creating, next ID to assign

      RegExpNode  *allocnode();
      const char *expr, *origexpr;

      // When matching:
      int   matched;
      off_t matchedpos;
      ReEval      *curstate, *nextstate;
      unsigned final_id;

      int   curchar() { return ((int)(unsigned char)*expr); }
      void  nextchar() { ++expr; }
      int   casesensitive;
      int   matchFull;
      int   isCaret;
      int   isDummy;

      int Compile(const char *, int, int &);
                  // Compile regular expression
      int CompileS(const char *, int, int &);

      void init();
      RegExpNode **CompileAtom(RegExpNode **);
      RegExpNode **CompileAtomString(RegExpNode **);
      RegExpNode **CompileOrClause(RegExpNode **);
      RegExpNode **CompileElement(RegExpNode **);
      void is_sets(RegExpNode *);

      int   parsechar();

// Evaluation

      ReEval      state1, state2;
      unsigned charsmatched;
      int   Match(ReMatch &);
      unsigned MatchCount(Re **p =0) {
                              if (p) *p=chainedre;
                              return (charsmatched); }
      int   IsDummy()   { return (isDummy); }
      int   IsAnchorStart()   { return (isCaret); }
} ;


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